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Serengeti Kati Kati Tented Camp

Serengeti Kati Kati Tented camp is always ready to give you the best experience of “The Great Migration” in the Serengeti. It is an authentic, simple safari camp with a hint of luxury. Kati Kati is a small mobile camp which follows the huge herds of animals as they undertake their slow migration along traditional routes around the Serengeti  in search of fresh grass. The camp will therefore be set up at a site that gives an optimal experience of the migration for a given period, before moving to another optimal location as the migration move on.

Broadly speaking the Great Migration slowly follows a wide 3,000 km long circular route around the Serengeti. The migration begins during the rutting season in April/May, when the animals leave the sweltering, southern plains of the  Serengeti and move north in a huge herd along what is known as the Western Corridor along the Grumeti River and the Serengeti’s border with Lake Victoria. Around the end of June the animals have reached the district around the River Mara and Masai Mara, where they will stay until September, after which their route will take them back through the Lobo-district of the eastern Serengeti to fresh, nutritious grass on the southern plains. When the breeding season has been completed, and the young animal born in February and March have eaten their fill, the circle is completed and in April/ May the cycle begins again. In the mobile Kati Kati Tented Camp you are always following the herd and in perfect place to get the optimal experience of their migration.

The camp has Meru-style tents, with a hand basin, bucket-shower and flushing toilets. Each tent has a small, covered veranda with a direct view of the savannah. All tents are furnished with large double or single beds. The camp is equipped with a lounge- and mess tent. So you can choose if you want to eat indoors or outside. The camp also has a small library. In addition to game-drives and balloon safaris in the Serengeti there is, depending on the camp’s location, the opportunity to visit a Masai village and experience various cultural activities. In the evening the camp’s guests gather around the camp-fire to enjoy a sundowner and dine. The camp offers a truly simple, authentic safari experience, with the luxury of being able to move the camp around the bush.

The best strategic access point for the camp is Seronera in the central Serengeti, from where you can easily get to most of the huge area covered by the Serengeti. From Seronera Airstrip, the most important landing strip in the  Serengeti National Park, the camp is a short 40 min drive. The camp is also easily accessible from other airstrips in the Serengeti that offer good flight connections to and from Arusha. Grumeti Airstrip lies 29 km way. By car, the distance from Arusha is 335 km, a 6-10 hour drive depending on the season. The camp is especially intended for guests on a guided safari tour.


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