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Balule River Lodge

An African safari at Balule River Lodge will provide you with everything you need for you to enjoy the luxury holiday of your dreams! The camp is beautifully situated with great views over the Greater Kruger National Park and Olifants River, and consists of two guest houses each with three double rooms, a main house with dining room, lounge, library and a terrace plus a “boma” which is our outdoors dining area. In addition there is the Elephant Suite which is situated high above the rest of the camp and offers great views of the bush. There is also a swimming pool and a small, simple fitness room as well as a shop where guests can buy African souvenirs and jewellery, safari clothing and postcards.

All the houses have been built in classic African style, with plenty of rustic woodwork and large thatched roofs, blending perfectly in with the surrounding landscape. WiFi is available in all rooms.

Main House

The camps Main House has been built in classical African style. Here you will find a large dining area and lounge, which is mainly used when it is too cold to eat and sit outdoors.

The most popular feature of the Main House is the huge terrace, which offers an absolutely unique view over the Olifants River and the Greater Kruger National Park. The terrace is furnished with soft, comfortable armchairs and a large open fireplace. Here guests often sit and enjoy a drink while they wait for the waiter to come and announce that “Dinner is ready!”.

In the Main House you will also find a library, which offers a good selection of books on the fauna and flora of South Africa and the area around Kruger National Park. There is also a good assortment of novels that previous guests left in the camp.

The Boma - the outdoors dining area

For most of the year - when the weather allows it - dinner is served in the boma. A boma is an area which is fenced in using beautiful natural materials, originally they were used in Africa to protect the household’s domestic animals from wild animals, but today the name has come to be also used for an outdoors dining area will a grill and open fireplace.

The Pool

Our pool is built right next to the Olifants River  and offer unrestricted views of the animals that live in the river or come down to the river to drink or cool off in the cold water. Around the pool there are sunbeams and umbrellas as well a covered area where you can enjoy a good book or watch the wildlife while sitting in the shade. There is also a small bar next to the pool, from which you can get cool drinks.

The Fitness Room

The camp’s modest fitness room is beautifully situated and offers a great view of the Greater Kruger National Park and the Olifants River. Here you might be lucky enough to spot an elephant, monkey or antelope in the river or on the shore opposite, while burning off those calories and getting your pulse racing.
The fitness room offers the following machines and equipment:

  • Treadmill

  • Exercise bike

  • Crosstrainer

  • Punchball

  • Situp bench

  • Dumbbells

The fitness room is located next to the pool, so after your workout you can refresh yourself with an outdoors shower or a cooling swim in the pool.

The Shop

If you arrive in Balule River Lodge and South Africa without all the clothes you need for a safari, or you wish to buy some good quality safari clothing with Balule’s own logo, we offer a wide range of high quality safari clothing in our well-stocked shop. In the shop you can find trousers, shirts, shorts, T-shirts, blouses, skirts, jackets and hats for both women and men.

In the shop we also offer many different African souvenirs of high quality, such as jewellery, handicrafts, masks, postcards, wooden statues and baskets.

We also have a small selection of personal care products


Customer service

Email: info@askaritours.com

Telephone:56 36 25 45