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Askari Tours BRONZE


Our BRONZE tours are focused on travellers who are looking for a great safari experience at a great price.

These tours have been put together so that although the price has been kept low, the standard of accommodation is still of a level we are happy to put our name to.

Askari Tours SILVER


On our SILVER tours your standard of accommodation will be noticeably higher in quality when seen in comparison with our bronze tours.

Both the routes and accommodation are simply better. These tours will more than satisfy most of our guests.

Askari Tours GOLD


On our GOLD tours the focus is on great safari experiences, with fantastic accommodation in wonderful locations.

Prices are towards the high end of the scale, but if you are a more discerning traveller you really should consider one of our gold tours.

Askari Tours DIAMOND


As a guest on one of our DIAMOND tours you will only experience the best of the best. Everything has been carefully considered and functions seamlessly; a tour of this standard can simply not be done better.

On a diamond tour you can expect that just about any conceivable expectation from your tour will be fulfilled.

World Class African Safari Tours

What makes a good safari?

The quality of a safari is usually determined by the expectations, wishes and demands you have for your trip, together with the budget you have available to make it all happen. Based on this framework we will put together the optimal tour for you, although sometimes compromises might have to be made so that all your ideas can fit within the amount you can spend on your tour.

Should I also book a beach holiday?

Our experience tells us that spending some time on the Indian Ocean coast is usually the best way of finishing your safari in Africa. Many choose to split their holiday into two equal parts - a safari then a beach holiday. You can choose how much time to spend on the coast, but we would normally recommend that you spend at least four nights by the coast, so you can make the most of your stay and have time to relax. It is important to remember that a night on the coast is often much cheaper than a day on safari, often four to six times cheaper. Therefore how you divide up your holiday can have a big influence on the total cost of your holiday.

How long should I spend on Safari?

Optimally we would advise you to visit fewer districts and spend a decent amount of time in them, rather than choose a more stressed schedule visiting a lot of districts for a short period and spending a lot of time on transport. We would also prefer to see you spend at least three nights in the best district(s) you visit. It is very important that you have enough time to really enjoy your safari. So how long is enough really depends on your wishes, how much time you have available, your budget and perhaps on your previous safari experiences.



Location of lodge/camp or hotel

For us this point is of vital importance. We won’t suggest using accommodation that involves a lot of transport time between there and the safari districts, just to save a relatively small amount of money. A saving you will certainly come to regret. Optimally we like to see our guests staying in the heart of the best safari districts.

Join a group or arrange your own safari?

If you are travelling as a group of one to four people on a safari in East Africa, it is normally cheapest to join a group tour with others. If you are a group of five - six people sharing a vehicle, then the costs involved of having your own private safari will be much the same as that of a group tour. The deciding factor is often whether you would prefer travelling only with your family and friends. This is for you decide, but both options can be equally enjoyable. Although it is worth remembering that on a private safari there is more room for your individual wishes especially with regard to route planning and on how you will spend your days during your tour. In some countries, South Africa and Namibia in particular, self drive holidays are cheap, easy and ideal for those looking for a unique tour.

We will advise, but you have the final decision

Here at Askari Tours we believe that the possibilities that you finally choose are those that you really want, and not necessarily are those that we might think are the best for you. Therefore you may have to decide for yourself whether you will prioritise accommodation of a nice standard, or whether the atmosphere of a place and its location in relation to where the animals are to be found during the season are more important. Of course 4 star accommodation costs more than 2 star, and that prices during the country’s peak season are noticeably more expensive than during the low season. However your overall safari experience may well be the same. Perhaps it might rain more during the low season than during the high season, but in reality this does not really matter much to your safari.

Why choose us

Who are Askari Tours?

Askari Tours is a small tour operator with a lot of experience. We have, as part of our parent company, more than 30 years of experience in the travel business. Together our staff have more than 150 years of experience in arranging tours to Africa. We are safari specialists. Our expertise is founded on experience and personal contact with professional and responsible partners in Africa.

We know that your tour means a lot to you. Therefore your tour also means a lot to us! But we will NOT simply send you off to a dream destination just like that! The personal and honest advice we give you is intended to help you find the safari tour that precisely fits your needs. Together we can make your dream tour become real. Therefore personal contact with our customers is of the upmost importance to us!