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Planet Baobab

Planet Baobab is a totally unique camp surrounded by gigantic, 4,000 year old baobab trees. The camp is inspired by traditional villages with clay or grass huts that combine African style with a high level of comfort.

The accommodation is very original and reflects the traditional building methods used by the native inhabitants off the Makgadikgadi salt pans. Both types of huts are built from natural materials sourced from the local area, and they naturally do so good at regulating the indoors temperature that air conditioning is not necessary.

The Bakalanga clay huts are decorated with art made with natural pigments from the districts many termite mounds. These traditional huts are very comfortable and offer en-suite facilities.

The camp’s grass huts are built using methods employed by the Makgadikgadi bushmen. Here, while there are no en-suite bathrooms, but you live in a more original, but still comfortable, bushman manner.


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