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Black River Gorges National Park

Black River Gorges National Park was created in 1994 to protect Mauritius’ remaining areas of forest. The park lies in the south western part of Mauritius and covers a total area of 65.74km2, equivalent to over 3% of the total landmass of Mauritius. The park includes the mountain of Black River Peak, the summit of which at 828m above sea level is the highest point on the island. There are a number of good footpaths that will take you to the summit. We recommend you visit here early in the morning as there can often be dense cloud during the middle of the day, which rather spoils the views and the whole experience of being on the mountain.

Mauritius has an exciting range of bird life that includes a number of rare species, some of which are only found on the island and, in particular, in the Black River Gorges National Park. Curiously, the most famous endemic Mauritian animal of all died out back in the 1600s, namely the large flightless pigeon known as the Dodo, which thrived in the lush nature of the island especially as there were no native predators on the island to threaten it. Unfortunately it did not survive long after the island was discovered by man in the 1600s , as it was caught in large numbers to provide meat for sailors who otherwise lacked fresh supplies on their long ocean voyages. Of the endemic birds that still live on the island, those of most interest to bird watchers include the Mauritius kestrel and the endangered Pink pigeon.

We can especially recommend a visit to Black River Gorges National Park if you enjoy walking in beautiful, tropical surroundings. There are large footpaths around the park built on solid terrain, and with the correct footwear it is also easy to explore the other smaller pathways. The park makes it possible for visitors to explore the original  nature of Mauritius, with its lush forests and beautiful waterfalls, and is well worth including on your “to-do list” when on holiday on Mauritius.



  • Walking in beautiful, lush surroundings
  • The summit of Black River Peak, the highest point on Mauritius
  • Huge variety of bird and plant species.


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