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Curieuse Island

Curieuse is a small island, only 2.93km2 in size, just to the north west of Praslin. The island is a big attraction for visiting tourists, and a number of tours here are arranged every day. There are neither hotels or restaurants on Curieuse, so is you are visiting the island with a tour operator, they will usually also arrange a visit to a nearby island where you can enjoy a good meal. Curieuse, with its fantastic beaches, beautiful palm trees and dense mangroves, is a real paradise and the perfect example of the incredible natural beauty of the Seychelles.

On the island you can also find the world’s heaviest fruit, the double lobed Coco de Mer coconut, which can weigh up to 18kg. The only two places that this palm still grows naturally are here on Curieuse and on the nearby island of Praslin.

When you visit Curieuse, it is possible to walk right around the island. A good place to start is Baie Laraie, from where there is a path to Anse St José on the other side of the island. Along the way you will cross a footbridge that takes you across a mangrove forest, letting you get a close look of the islands fantastic nature. It is also well worth visiting ‘The Doctors House’ next to the beach of Anse St José. As its name suggests it was once where the island’s doctor used to live, but today it is an exciting museum that gives you an insight into the island’s history.

If you would like to experience some of the island’s wildlife, you should walk along the beach, where the giant tortoises, which particularly characteristic of the island, relax in the sun. It is also well worth exploring the undersea world around the island, and experience the fantastic marine life on the core reef here. The snorkelling here is particularly good which, together with the islands other attractions, will make a visit to Curieuse a really memorable adventure.



  • Fantastic beaches, dense mangroves and beautiful palm trees
  • Fascinating wildlife with giant tortoises and colourful cool reef fish


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