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Dinokeng Game Reserve

The Dinokeng Game Reserve is the first nature reserve to have all 5 species that make up “ The Big Five”. The combination of private and public initiative, that led to the planning and development of the reserve, started back in the beginning of  2000. The Dinokeng Game Reserve was officially opened on the 22nd September 2011 after the introduction of four out of the five species of The Big Five. The last species, the buffalo, was introduced in late 2012, and luckily has settled down well here.

The Dinokeng Game Reserve offers the guest the chance to take part in a unique self-drive safari experience.

The route is around 110 km long, and takes you over a good, well maintained road. The route has been designed so that you will have the chance of seeing as many animals as possible. Dinokeng Game Reserve has a richly diverse cover of bushveld and its terrain helps to ensure that you will see the many wild animals in their own natural environment.

You can stop at a number of good rest areas along the route, with toilet facilities and everything you need to enjoy a picnic. The Dinokeng naturre reserves also has many well placed bird hides and some fantastic viewpoints along the route.

Many visitors choose to take a break from their safari-drive at one of the restaurants along the route, which offer both breakfast and lunch.


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