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Lake Naivasha

In central Kenya, on the floor of the Rift Valley, lies five large lakes. Of these  Lake Naivasha is closest to the capital city of Nairobi which is around 90 km to the north west. Lake Naivasha is a freshwater lake set in very lush surroundings, and taking a boat trip along its shores is one of the big attractions as it is an absolute paradise for birds, including many water birds and the African fish eagle. The lake is also home to a good population of hippopotamus, which you can approach closely by boat, and along its shoreline you can often see giraffe, buffalo and a number of different species of antelopes and monkeys.

The area also offers some good walking tours and safari including Crescent Island, which is actually a peninsula that runs out into the lake, where it is possible to see not only masses of birds, but also zebras, waterbuck and gazelles. Near the park lies the dormant volcano of Longonot in the national park of the same name, as well as the small and very hilly Hell´s Gate National Park, where it is possible to cycle or walk amongst the geysers and dramatic rock found here. Here it is possible to see animals such as giraffe, buffalo, zebra, warthog, and a number of species of antelopes and gazelles – and if luck is on your side also spotted hyena, leopard and even cheetah. Along the lake it is possible to see many horticultural farms, which largely grow long stalked roses for the European market.


   •      A sailing tour along the beautiful shores of the lake, amongst hippos and a myriad of birds

   •      Walking amongst the big game animals on a peninsula reaching out into the lake, or on a nearby volcano

   •      Safari in the nearby Hell´s Gate National Park

High season: January to March and July to October


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