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Le Morne Brabant

Le Morne Brabant is a mountain, 556 meters in height, located on a peninsula close to Le Morne on the south west coast of Mauritius. The mountain is surrounded by beautiful, lush forest, and at the foot of the mountain you can find one of Mauritius’ many exclusive beaches. The mountain, despite its splendid appearance, is perhaps more renowned for its history, which is the reason that it has been placed on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

In the early 19th century many of the slaves held on Mauritius fled to Le Mourne Brabant to hide and protect themselves, becoming known as a place of refuge for escaped slaves during this period. On the 1st February 1835, all slavery on Mauritius was officially abolished, and messengers were therefore sent to the mountain to bring the good news to the former slaves hiding there. Unfortunately a misunderstanding arose which led the escaped slaves to believe they were being hunted and would be recaptured. Rather than return to a life of slavery, which is what they feared was going to happen, many chose to jump to their deaths from the top of the mountain. Although no such dramatic events occur around Le Morne Brabant today, the mountain is still seen as a powerful symbol of freedom and human rights.

In the town of Le Morne you can find a wealth of water sport activities on offer, and there are plenty of opportunities to go snorkeling and diving. The area is especially well known for kitesurfing, and you can find kite surfing schools for beginners at a number of places nearby, if you would like to have an introduction to this sport.



  • Le Morne Brabant is a 556 meter high mountain with a dramatic history, which has led to it being included on UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites.
  • Good snorkeling, diving and especially kitesurfing around Le Morne.


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