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Mauritius’ “Bounty-style” white sandy beaches

Mauritius has many attractions for both nature lovers and those interested in culture, but the one thing most people associate with Mauritius is white sandy beaches with crystal clear water and palm trees. Mauritius’ many beaches are all of an unusually high standard, and nearly seem to have been created to feature on the perfect holiday postcard. The beaches really do invite you to simply relax, which is certainly why many visitors are attracted to the island. Mauritius really does live up to its image as a tropical paradise, something only few other destinations can match.

Most of the island’s often luxurious and very tasteful hotels are located right next to the ocean. If you have a room with a sea view, it is easy to enjoy the magical red and golden glows of the sunset or the sunrise.  During the day, you can choose to enjoy a few hours relaxing on a sun bed or hammock with a view over the water. If you enjoy a bit more action, on most of Mauritius’ beaches you will have the chance to try out many different watersports. Then there is the cool reef just off shore, inviting you to go snorkelling right from the water’s edge.

On a holiday on Mauritius it is nearly impossible not to spend at least a few hours relaxing on the exquisite white sandy beaches, and to be honest, who would want to miss out on that in a real paradise on earth.



  • Relaxing and indulging yourself on the beach, with swaying palm trees, white sand and crystal clear water
  • Many watersports available
  • Snorkelling on the beautiful and colourful coral reef just off the beach


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