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Nairobi is the capital of Kenya, East Africa’s most important business hub and with a population of nearly 4 million inhabitants, amongst the three biggest cities in the region, along with Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. The city also has one of the most important airports on the whole continent, and is the main starting point not only for our Kenyan safaris, but also many safaris to neighbouring countries such as Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda, even tours to more southern African destinations such as  Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe, have their African starting point in Nairobi’s airport, with its great connections to these countries.

It is normal that a safari has only a single night in Nairobi at the start and/or end of the itinerary, while some have none at all. However if you have the time there is plenty to see and do here. If we stay in the field of safaris, Nairobi is probably the largest big city to have truly wild animals close on hand. Nairobi National Park lies only 5 km from the city center, while there are fences separating it from the city, it is open to the south. While this park cannot really measure itself against the country’s more famous game reserves, you can still find surprisingly big populations of classic big game animals such as lions, giraffes, zebras, buffalo, both white and black rhinoceros, hippopotamus and various species of antelope, as well as a rich avifauna which includes around 550 registered species of bird.

Here you won’t find any wild elephants, but at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust at the edge of the park, you can get up close to young orphaned elephants and the occasional rhino that has suffered the same fate. Here they are fed and looked after until they can be released into special areas of Tsavo national park, on their way to a life in the wild with a new family herd. If you ara a fan of giraffes, a visit to the Giraffe Center could be just the thing for you. Here you can get really close to these towering animals and can even help to feed them.

It is also possible to stay overnight at the Giraffe Centre and on the border of or in the heart of Nairobi national park close to Sheldrick´s ”orphanage”, but both are rather costly affairs. For many, especially Danes, a visit to the Karen Blixen Museum is a must. It has been established in her former home at the foot of the Ngong Hills in the city’s Karen district, which has been named after her. Here you can enjoy a nice meal, or even stay overnight in a charming little hotel next to the museum. In the large, famous restaurant, The Carnivore, which lies in the same district, you can satisfy your cravings for grilled local meat. Nairobi can also offer excellent shopping at both local markets, shopping centers and the busy shopping streets in the city center.  The opportunity to go horse riding or play a round of golf in the city or its beautiful surroundings, are  just two of the many other activities available in Nairobi.


   •      Visit the Karen Blixen Museum, and perhaps enjoy a meal or stay overnight next to it.

   •      Safari in Nairobi National Park and see many wild animals– with the city’s sky-line in the background

   •      Visit Sheldrick´s ”orphanage” for young elephants and rhinos and visit the  Giraffe Center

High season: January to March and July to October


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