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Nosy Be

Madagascar’s largest island, lying just off the north west coast, is called Nosy Be. Also known as “the scented island” this beautiful tropical island is covered in palm trees and bougainvillea.

In addition to the attractive beaches the island offers luxuriant vegetation, friendly locals, and a relaxed atmosphere next to the wonderful Indian Ocean.

The rainforests of the small reserve of Loboke, are an example of the islands original vegetation. Here you can also find lemurs, birds and chameleons. These can also be seen on the  nearby volcanic island of Nosy Komba, known as “Lemur’ Island”.

Around the island of Nosy Tanikely is a marine reserve, protecting the rich aquatic life of the area, which includes coral reefs, and coral reef fish. Here you can enjoy really good snorkelling and diving amongst fish species such as clown fish, surgeon fish, barracuda, rays, moray eels, as well as colourful sea-urchins, sea anemones and starfish.


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