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Zanzibar - Sailing and dolphin safaris on the Indian Ocean

Zanzibar is located in the Indian Ocean, making the archipelago the perfect place to experience sailing on its blue ocean waters. Swimming with dolphins is a major tourist attraction on Zanzibar, especially around the town of Kizimkazi on the south coast of the island. It is from here the so-called dolphin safaris depart. The cost of a sail depends on the length of the tour and the standard of the boat, the same goes for the dolphin safaris, which can be found in many price classes on Zanzibar. After everyone has boarded the boat, the “hunt” for the dolphins begins. These beautiful animals are naturally both very curious and playful, and as the boat ploughs trough the waves, it will catch the attention of the dolphins. In this way the organizers will succeed in getting dolphins close to the boat, and you as a tour participant, will have the great pleasure of swimming with these amazing animals. Equipped with snorkel, mask and fins you just hop into the water and enjoy the wildlife of The Indian Ocean from the front row, and take some of the holiday’s best photographs.

It isn’t only on sailing tours that you could be lucky enough to encounter dolphins. It is quite possible to encounter dolphins along the coast of Zanzibar, as they playfully romp around in the water.

In addition to seeing dolphins, a sailing trip off the beautiful coastland of Zanzibar will offer the lavish sights of the stunning Indian Ocean, with its clear shades of blue, inviting you to jump in and enjoy the marine life beneath the surface.



  • Sailing on the Indian Ocean and the chance to swim with wild dolphins
  • Fantastic views over the blue ocean waters and Zanzibar’s beautiful coastline


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