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Seven Coloured Earth & the Chamarel waterfall

If you really want to discover the true nature of south western Mauritius, then a visit to “Seven Coloured Earth” near Chamarel is an absolute must. The Seven Coloured earth is a fascinating geological phenomenon, created from colour variations created by volcanic rocks cooling at different rates. This formation consists of “dunes” of different coloured soils, that create an almost magical mixture of beautiful colours. Seven Coloured Earth is one of the most popular tourist attractions on Mauritius and covers an area of some 7,500m2. The Seven Coloured Earth is located in a compact area of forest, which helps to make the experience even more spectacular.

It is also worth mentioning that close to the Seven Coloured Earth is a small farm with giant tortoises, which you can approach closely. A visit here really puts the icing on the cake, on a fantastic day exploring south west Mauritius.

Not far from here is another wonder of nature, namely the Chamarel waterfall. This 83m high waterfall is considered to be the most beautiful on the island. Surrounded by palms and lush vegetation, you can watch as the water flows over a vertical cliff edge. During the rainy season, when the river water levels are high, the Chamarel falls consist of a single large fall, but during the rest of the year there are three separate streams. Even though this waterfall is far from being one of the biggest in the world, its beautiful setting certainly makes it well worth a visit.



  • Created as a result of volcanic activity, Seven Coloured Earth is a magical interplay of colour.
  • Chamarel waterfall is regarded as the most beautiful on Mauritius
  • Visit a farm with lovely, giant tortoises


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