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Snorkelling and diving on Mauritius’ coral reefs

Mauritius is surrounded by the one of the Indian Ocean’s biggest coral reefs, that stretches for 150 kilometers along the coast. Apart from the southern coast, just about the whole of the island’s coastline offers a beautiful, well preserved coral reef which makes Mauritius a fantastic destination for both new beginners and  experienced divers alike. There are a wide range of tour operators offering everything from simple snorkelling trips to diving trips to the depths of the Indian Ocean with professional guides.

Mauritius’ beautiful coral reef is home to a wide variety of colourful fish, typical for the Indian Ocean. Off the south east coast of the island you can find Blue Bay Marine Park, where the water offers unusually good visibility underwater. With a depth of only 4 - 6 meters, this site is ideal for new beginners who can start snorkelling directly off the beach. Here you can see fish of all the colours of the rainbow, including clownfish and parrot fish, as well as many different species of coral and plants. Another, equally attractive, site for snorkelling and diving is on the north west coast close to the town of Pointe aux Piments. Here the coral reef is easily accessible, and in addition to a great variety of fish, this spot is famous for being the best place on the island to see turtles. If you decide to go on a snorkelling or diving trip to Pointe aux Piments, we warmly recommend that you get hold of an underwater camera before you go. The opportunity of getting really close to a turtle can give some unbelievably spectacular pictures.

Even though Mauritius is traditionally seen as a destination you visit for a relaxing beach holiday, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the island’s animals, especially the marine life on Mauritius’ colourful coral reef. The fantastic diving and snorkelling on offer here is an important attraction for the island’s tourism industry.



  • Snorkelling or diving on the coral reef around Mauritius with many different colourful reef fish and corals.
  • Blue Bay Marine Park , with its fantastic water clarity and the chance to snorkel directly from the beach
  • Pointe aux Piments on the northwest coast, here the coral reef is a great place to see turtles


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