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Street Food in Forodhani Gardens

One of the most wonderful things about Zanzibar is being able to get close the locals, who create an incredibly charming, authentic atmosphere and make you feel really welcome. One of the best places to experience this at Forodhani Gardens in the center of Stone Town, right next to the Indian Ocean. As darkness falls Forodhani Gardens are transformed into a huge food market, where you can sample the local street food at a really modest price. The food market that unfolds under the open sky is not only very popular with the locals, it is also a great attraction for the tourists of Zanzibar’s.

If you like seafood then it is the ideal place for dinner, and you soon discover that the exotic delicacies served on the different stalls, such as fish, shellfish and calamari, all bear the hallmark of being prepared on an island that produces a wide range of spices. There are many types of grilled fish, all freshly caught and cooked to perfection. Enjoy a real taste experience by ordering octopus, prawns, barracuda and much more. We can especially recommend washing down your fantastic meal with freshly pressed juice made from sugar cane, ginger and lime. Naturally the many food sellers are all keen for you to sample their particular offerings, so it is a good idea to walk around the different food stalls before choosing where you would most like to eat.

A visit to the large food market at Forodhani Gardens is a really gastronomic adventure, which you certainly should not miss is you are visiting the island. The food market is also a fantastic way of experiencing the tastes, smells, culture and local people of Zanzibar.



  • Exciting open air food market, offering many local delicacies
  • Fantastic way of experiencing local culture and its wonderful atmosphere


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