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The Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the smallest of the globe’s three great oceans, but certainly not the least interesting. Along the east coast of Africa in Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique, and certainly not to forget the tropical island paradises of Mauritius, Madagascar, Bazaruto, Zanzibar and the Seychelles, your dreams of the perfect tropical beach paradise can be made real.

In addition to the absolutely most popular ”activity” here, simply relaxing on the beach next to one of the excellent hotels, a stay next to the Indian Ocean can also offer snorkelling or scuba diving on colourful coral reefs, big game fishing for some of the ocean’s mightiest inhabitants, many different types of sailing trips, playing golf on excellent courses or tennis on great courts together with a range of cultural visits just to name the most obvious possibilities. You will also enjoy a great culinary experience, and being so close to the ocean means you will have the chance to enjoy some great seafood.

Far to the south east lies Mauritius, where most of the beach hotels are relatively big, very comfortable and offer many facilities – and are often close to excellent golf courses. Closer to the mainland is the gigantic island of Madagascar, which not only has some great beach hotels, but a totally unique fauna and flora, and a very Asian influenced culture. On the mainland, along Mozambique’s long coastline, you can find some fantastic beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, but you will find the very best beaches and hotels on some of the small, remote islands off the coast. Tanzania’s coastline is just as long and beautiful, but it is the enchanted island of Zanzibar off the coast near Dar es Salaam that dominates the picture here, with its spectacular bathing beaches, wonderful hotels and cultural attractions such as the historic trading center of Stone Town. Back on the northern coast of the mainland, Kenya, in particular around the historic port of Mombasa, has the widest range of beach hotels, some of which are amongst the most luxurious on the continent. Further to the north east, and far from the mainland lie the islands of the Seychelles, where many of the picturesque beaches stand out from the crowd as they are surrounded by beautiful, gently rounded granite outcrops.

Which Indian Ocean destination you choose will most likely depend on which activities you prioritise,  but no matter of your choice, you will be sure to find outstanding tropical beaches next to the clear, warm turquoise ocean blue waters. All of the above destinations are ideal for both a stand-alone holiday or as a place to relax after an eventful safari adventure, so all your experiences have time to settle before you return to your daily routine at home again.


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