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The Wine Country

If you enjoy good wine, gourmet dining and personal service in charming surroundings the Wine Country north east of Cape Town is a destination in itself, or a distinct highlight before or after a safari in South Africa. This is the country’s main center of wine production, and a number of the vineyards produce wine of the very highest quality. The best hotels and the most beautiful countryside can be found in the area around Franschhoek, which lies in a valley surrounded by vineyards and picturesque mountains.

This small charming town has a relaxed atmosphere, and can almost be regarded as the gourmet capital of the area. A little closer to Cape Town lies the region’s actual capital, Stellenbosch, which is an elegant and historic university town, with Dutch and Victorian inspired architecture. Here you can see many historic buildings and a number of museums, some telling the story of the town’s history, which stretches back to the 1600´s, which makes Stellenbosch South Africa’s second oldest city after Cape Town. The town has more than 10 top class restaurants and is surrounded by around 100 vineyards. Together with another important wine producing town, Paarl, Stellenbosch is the biggest wine district here accounting for around one third of South Africa’s wine production. It is here you will also find some of the best wines and the two largest producers, KWV and Nederburg, who under the apartheid-regime were state owned and controlled all the country’s wine production, however the industry has now been liberalised for the last 20 years or so.

South Africa also produces large quantities of high quality fruit and vegetables, excellent meat and game, and around Cape Town in particular, has good access to a wide range of fish and shellfish. With the Wine Country’s many small, exclusive hotels and restaurants, surrounded by vineyards and beautiful countryside, a great gourmet experience awaits you here. The region also offers many Wellness centers and Spas, and there are ample opportunity for good cycling- and walking tours, of all degrees of difficulty, in the valleys and mountains, so you have no excuse for not burning off some of the calories you gain from all the fantastic food and drink you enjoy here.


   •      First class gourmet experience with fine wines and local produce of the highest quality

   •      Wine tasting, vineyards, beautiful countryside and small hotels offering a great level of service

High Season: September to April


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