Package Tour or Bespoke Safari?

For many people going on a safari in Africa is the holiday of their dreams. Therefore they will refuse to make any compromises when it comes to planning their tour.  If the budget will stretch far enough, you really don’t need to set any real limits. A tailor made safari does not necessarily need to be any more expensive than a package tours, as you can naturally tailor your holiday to fit your wishes, needs and budget - as long as you can get it all to fit together. When arranging a bespoke safari the focus is on you, the customer. Here at Askari Tours we can give advice, but it is you who will make the final decision. The main advantage with a tailor made safari is that your tour will precisely match your wishes, while a package tour can include elements that you do not find interesting. On the other hand you could argue that if you book a package tour you may be introduced to an exciting experience that you would have otherwise never have had.


Safari That Fulfils Your Wishes

If you wish to put together your own safari itinerary, we will of course be here to offer advice . We will make sure you know all of the available options, but the final choice will be yours. First and foremost it is important to set a budget. Then you must decide if you will prioritise attractive, luxurious accommodation or if it is more important for you to experience as much as possible.

You might want to travel in the low season, when it is cheaper to travel, or will you prioritise travelling during the high season? You should ask yourself if you want to see all the sights one country has to offer, or would you rather visit the biggest and most popular attractions in two or more different countries.


Safari and/or Beach Holiday

By experience we know that a beach holiday on the Indian Ocean is a great way of rounding off a holiday in Africa. Here in calm, beautiful surroundings you can digest the many different impressions of Africa’s wildlife you had on safari. Our destinations of the Indian Ocean include the islands of Zanzibar, the Seychelles, Mauritius and Madagascar as well as the Kenyan coast and the east coast of Tanzania. Most of these destinations also offer plenty of wonderful cultural and wildlife experiences, so if you like to do more than simply relax on a beach, you can still find plenty of things to do on a “beach holiday”. It is up to you to decide if you want to spend the same amount of time on safari and on the beach, or if you would like to spend more time on safari. Here it is very important to consider your budget, as a day on a beach holiday in Africa is four to six times cheaper than a day on safari, which will make quite an impact on your total budget. There are also many things to consider when planning your actual safari: what do actually want to experience? Where do you want to go? How much do you want to spend? How many days can you travel? All of this will be taken into consideration when you plan your own safari with Askari Tours.