When It Come To Safari, Kenya Has It All


There Are Good Grounds To Go On A Photo Safari In Kenya

If you enjoy photographing wild animals, wonderful  scenery and fascinating culture, then a photo safari to Kenya is the ideal choice. The beautiful East African country of Kenya is considered to be the birthplace of the modern safari. With endlessly varied landscapes, vegetation and animal life you can find countless motives  to shoot through your viewfinder. What makes a safari here even better is that many of Kenya’s highlights lie within a manageable distance of each other, and that the country’s infrastructure is good. Therefore it is quite possible to visit the grassy savannah of the Masai Mara, the beautiful but arid bush savannah lands of the north, the mountains of the central highlands, the lakes of the rift valley and the impressive national parks of the south east during a single photo safari.


What Equipment Should One Bring On a Photo Safari

The choice of what equipment to bring with you largely depends on the type of photographs you hope to take in Kenya. If your only goal on a photo safari is to take some good snapshots as a reminder of your fantastic holiday, then a mobile phone can certainly be good enough. If you are planning to take some more professional shots of Kenya’s fascinating wildlife, the it is worth investing is a good camera. But what exactly is a good camera? For a photo safari we recommend that you get hold of a D-SLR  (digital single lens reflex) camera.

The advantages of using D-SLR over a normal compact camera include a longer battery life (especially if you use rechargeable Li-batteries), there is an optical viewfinder you can use to frame your pictures, the picture quality is significantly better, and it is possible to change between objective lenses. But be certain to remember to bring and charger and the correct adaptor with you from home. Another thing we recommend is that you only change objective lens at the lodge, before you go out on a safari drive. This is because Africa soils often consist of very fine sand, which you risk getting into your camera is you change lenses outdoors.


Highlights of a Kenyan photo safari

You will experience many highlights on a Kenyan photo safari, and when you look through the  photography you have taken when you get back home, you will realise how many unique and very authentic pictures the wonderful nature of Kenya has given you. You can photograph one of the absolute highlights of Kenya’s wildlife if you visit the country between July and October. This is when you can experience the Great Migration of over a million wildebeest, zebra and gazelles as they make their way over the Masai Mara district. It is an unforgettable sight, which is sure to give you some absolutely outstanding photographs.