Safari in Tanzania and a Beach Holiday on Zanzibar


Enjoy the best of both worlds

On a holiday that combines an exciting safari with a relaxing beach holiday, you can really enjoy the very best of both worlds. Tanzania with its fantastic numbers of animals and its location next to the Indian Ocean, where the exotic island of Zanzibar can be found, makes it the ideal destination for combining these two types of holiday. On holiday in Africa you don’t want to waste a lot of time on long journeys between different destinations. This makes a country such as Tanzania, which can offer both the best safaris you can imagine and luxurious beach holidays, such a wonderful place to visit. A holiday that can combine seeing “The Big Five” on safari with white tropical beaches can be one of your life’s most wonderful experiences.


Safari In Tanzania

Nearly one quarter of Tanzania’s nature is under the protection of game reserves or national parks. This is an incredible proportion of the country to dedicate to wildlife, and is the reason why safaris here are so good. The country shares a border with Kenya  to the north east, and it is here you can find Tanzania’s safari capital, Arusha. From here you can easily get to all the famous classical safari destinations such as the Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater - as well as Africa’s highest mountain, the 6,000m peak of Kilimanjaro. In Tanzania you will have a good chance of seeing all of “The Big Five”, but the nearly endless savannah grasslands of the Serengeti can also offer other spectacular wildlife experiences. The Serengeti National park is particularly famous for “The Great Migration”, during which 1.5 million wildebeest and 250,000 zebra are constantly moving slowly through the Savannah in huge herds in search of good grazing. There are other good safari districts in Tanzania, but they are some distance away from those mentioned above.

In the centre of the country is Ruaha National park, which after a recent expansion is now the country’s biggest national park - incredibly even larger than the Serengeti. Because of the parks more isolated location less tourists visit here, and you can enjoy a more authentic experience of African nature and wildlife. This park is also one of the best in Africa for waking safaris. A walking safari might sound a bit too challenging for some, but you will enjoy a completely different safari experience than that you will get in a vehicle, and in the company of a skilled guide you can really get close to Nature’s the finer details of nature.  A wealth of experiences await you in on safari in Tanzania, and afterwards, the best way of digesting them is on one of Zanizbar’s exotic beaches.


Beach Holidays On The Exotic Island Of Zanzibar

Even though Tanzania has plenty of wonderful white, palm fringed beaches on its mainland coast, it is Zanzibar that grabs most of the attention - and for good reason! Zanzibar has not become so popular for nothing, its luxuriant nature, luxurious resorts and exciting culture has turned the island into a magnet for tourists. One of the best things about this island is that it offers much more than white sandy beaches. On Zanzibar you can explore fragrant spice plantations, learn about its cultural heritage in its historic capital Stone Town, and excite your tastebuds at the Forodhani Garden street food market in the evening. Make sure you recharge yourself sunbathing beneath the swaying palms along the beaches, but also do yourself the favour of exploring the island. There is something magical about the fairy tale island of Zanzibare, and it the perfect place to end a safari holiday in Tanzania.

Tours with safari in Tanzania and beach holiday on Zanzibar: