Your Personal Safari Bureau in Denmark

Askari Tours has, as part of its mother company Limpopo Travel, more than 10 years of experience in the travel industry. Together, our members of staff have more than 150 years of experience of arranging tours to Africa. We are therefore uniquely qualified to be able to organise and arrange the holiday of your dreams.

As a small company in a large industry, we see it as our role to have personal contact with our partners in Africa. With us you can expect personal, honest advice when you want to travel, so you can always be sure you will book a tour that perfects fits your needs. We know your holiday means a lot to you - so therefore it is also important for us. Askari Tours can only thrive if our customers are happy - and luckily for us many of our customers are so happy that they choose to ring to us the next time they want to go on safari.

Even though Askari Tours is a small, very personal company, we are a part of Limpopo Travel, and through them a member of the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund (reg. no. 1462). This is your guarantee that your holiday will happy, and that you are not exposed to any financial risks.

You can find plenty of inspiration, information and photographs on our website - we hope you find them so exciting that you decide to give us a call, so together we can see how it is possible to make your dreams come true.

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