General Terms and Conditions

The Danish Package Travel Act

All our tours are subject to the Danish “Package Travel Act” which is an act or parliament intended to provide extensive consumer protection. Travel agencies must be able to document that, when booking a trip and before the deposit has been paid, the customer has been made aware of all possible facets of the tour, including costs, conditions governing changes etc. In this connection Askari Tours refer you to the Askari Tour website, brochure, priceless, invoices, voucher, travel documentation, practical information, insurance certificates and other separate product liability insurances.


Askari Tours’ partners require a deposit upon receiving a booking, therefore it will not be possible to refund any deposit paid at the time of booking in case of cancellation. If te tour is cancelled less than 45 days before departure, the entire price of the tour is payable. This does not apply in the event of, less than 14 days before departure, war, natural disaster or a similar situation occurring in the country to which you were due travel. In the case of cancellation due to illness, or a similar circumstance, these are situations tat the customer can insure themselves against. Please refer to the section on insurance.

Interruption of Stay:

If, for any reason, the customer does not wish to complete the holiday as booked, there will be no refund for unused services.


Askari Tours liability for missing services, personal injury and property damage is limited to the levels of compensation stipulated in the international conventions applicable to the service providers used by Askari Tours to deliver the holiday booked by the customer. For international air transport, it follows the Warsaw Convention. However the levels of compensation for personal injury are relatively low, often less than €15,000. Askari Tours is a member of the Danish package Travel Appeals Board and the Travel Guarantee Fund - reg. no. 1462 - that ensures the customer will receive a full refund of any monies paid and help in connection with travel home in the case of Askari Tours insolvency/bankruptcy. All claims made against Askari Tours must be made according to Danish law and brought before a Danish Court. Askari Tours price list is valid for 2019. The period these prices are valid are clearly stated. It is the customers responsibility to acquaint themselves and comply with the information that is given in all published announcements and documents , including the general Terms and Conditions.


Payments should be made to
Nordea Bank Danmark A/S
Centrumpladsen 8
DK-5700 Svendborg
Reg. Nr. 2680
Konto nr. 6890 939 501
Swift kode: NDEADKKK
Iban: DK6820006890939501

When booking a tour deposit of 50% of the cost of the holiday must be paid within 10 days, unless otherwise arranged. The remaining sum must be paid 60 days before departure. If the payment has not been made by the date applicable, Askari Tours has the legal right to cancel the tour and retain any deposit paid. If it necessary for Askari Tours to send a payment reminder, we will charge a DKK 150 late payment fee every time we do so. An interest rate of 1.5% per month will be added at the start of each month.


Askari Tours would like to point out all images used in our brochures etc. are subject to copyright. The picture used are not necessarily of the individual parteners and/or countries where they are used.

Flight Tickets:

Once flight tickets have been issued they cannot be changed or cancelled. Askari Tours would like to point out that it is the customers responsibility to provide the correct name to Askari Tours. It is very important that the name is the same as that stated on the passport and any visa. If a ticket is issued with the incorrect name, in some cases it will be necessary to book a new flight and otherwise they will be a name change fee of circa DKK 1,000. These regulations are imposed by the airlines. In addition to this fee Askari Tours will charge an administration charge of DKK 500. It is the the customers responsibility to ensure flight tickets and other travel documents have been issued under the correct name.


The customer must ensure they present the correct documentation at airport check-in desks to be able to continue their journey. The customer is also obliged to keep themselves informed of any changes that might occur to the airline timetable. We recommend checking your flight times no later than 24 hours before you are due to fly home.


Customers should remember to read Askari Tours general information for each individual destination, where you can find detailed relevant information for the destination concerned.

Contact via our Emergency Telephone Line:

Askari Tours can be contacted 24 hours a day in the event of an emergency - this telephone number will be sent to you with your travel documents. Our normal opening hours are Monday- Friday 09.00 - 17.00 on tel. (+45) 56 36 25 45.

Credit Cards:

Payments made to us using a credit card issued in Denmark will be subject to a fee of 1.25%. Payments made with a card issued abroad will be subject to a fee of min. 3% (depending on the type of card). Payment made by Dankort are free from extra charges.

Transferring a holiday:

If a customer wishes to transfer a tour purchased from us to another person, this is possible, if there is still flight availability. However to do this Askari Tours must be informed about it at least 30 days before departure, so the necessary changes can be made. Both the original customer and the person to whom the holiday is being transferred will be liable for any money still owing, or any additional costs associated with the transfer.


The prices staled in our brochure are in Danish Kroner, if not stated otherwise. For package tours, which include flights, the price is based on using the lowest economy class flight prices. If such flights are not available we reserve the right to alter the price.

Regulation of Prices:

In the event of changes in the cost of flights, taxes, fees, fuel surcharges etc. Askari Tours reserves the right to regulate their prices unto the date of departure. Prices may also be regulated in the event of exchange rate fluctuations. If, for example an tour was purchased for DKK 20,000, a price was based on the US$ exchange rate of 07/08/2017, which was 626.79, but the rate increases to 700 on the day payment is due, there will be a price increase of 11.68% on the part of the trip that was payable in US$. In such a case this might be DKK 15,000-, if this adjusted to take into account the increase of 11.68%, an extra DKK 1,762 will be payable (11.68% of 15,000).


If unforeseen problems arise during your holiday, Askari Tours should be contacted immediately if the customer and Askari tour’s partner cannot resolve the problem themselves. If Askari Tours are not informed correctly, the customer will loose the right to make any claims for compensation. Many problems, both major and minor can ber solved by a single phone call.


At least some form of vaccination is recommended for most of the safari destinations offered by Askari Tours. It is important the customers contact their doctor in good time before departure to ensure they receive the correct advice about which vaccinations they should have. Please also refer to Askari Tours’ general information on your specific destination.

Making changes to your holiday, both before and after departure:

If a holiday booked through Askari Travel need to be changed or cancelled, then the customer will be informed as soon as possible. In this event the customer must also inform Askari Travel, in a timely manner, of any claims they have arising from these changes or cancellation. Failure to do so will invalidate the customers right to make any claim. No claims will be accept if Askari Travel  had already, at the time of booking, had made reservations about such changes happening in relation to a specific tour, or if the changes have been caused by the actions of an unauthorised third party whose actions Askari Tours could not have anticipated or mitigated at the time of booking. If the customer wishes to change their tour before departure, an alternation fee of DKK500 will be payable.

Askari Tours cannot be held responsible for printing errors.

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