Africa offers an outstanding combination of safari and beach holidays


Combine a safari and beach holiday

Many people choose to combine their safari on the African mainland with a relaxing beach holiday on the Indian Ocean. This combination is a great way of experiencing what Africa can offer. Doing so offers you the chances of enjoying encounters with Africa’s wildlife, incredible scenery and local people and their cultures - which all will leave impressions that are best digested while relaxing on an exotic beach holiday at one of Africa’s many perfect holiday resorts on the Indian Ocean. A holiday that consists of both a safari and a beach holiday is particularly popular with families with children, as there is always something different happening to keep the little ones entertained.

Safari in Africa

In fact all our safari destination are ideal for a combined safari and beach holiday, and it is possible to tailor your holiday to fit your needs and preferences. Even though most people choose to go on safari first, then on a beach holiday afterwards, it is also possible to arrange your tour in the reverse order.

However it must be said some combinations work better than others. If, for example, you choose to go on safari in Tanzania and experience the wonders of the Serengeti National Park, a beach holiday on Zanizbar, an island just off the east coast of Tanzania makes perfect sense. Likewise if you decide to go on safari to Kenya’s fantastic Masai Mara, it is easy to round your holiday off with a visit to the Kenyan coast and stay on one of the beautiful beaches just south of the equator close to the port of Mombassa. Of course it is also possible to choose a beach holiday in a different country than the one in which you went on Safari.


Beach Holiday on the Indian Ocean

Africa can offer a multitude of great destinations for a beach holiday, with the Indian Ocean providing a backdrop for a wonderful holiday with tropical white sandy beaches and warm crystal clear water. We offer holidays in a number of Indian Ocean destinations including the Seychelles, Mauritius and Madagascar. All of these islands are perfect for a tropical beach holiday, but they also offer many other exciting activities. So if you do choose to round off your tour in this way, you won’t have to spend all of your time on the beach. For example, you can still enjoy Africa’s wildlife on holiday here, especially its marine life, as there is both excellent snorkelling and diving amounts the colourful fish of the Indian Ocean’s Coral reefs.