Camping Safaris in Africa


Camping in the African Countryside

To take part in a camping safari instead of a more traditional type of safari where you stay in permanent camps or lodges, gives you the chance to get as close to nature as possible and enjoy the simple life out on the savannah. A camping safari is a totally different safari experience, you are sleeping out in wilds, and the sounds of the nocturnal animals that are living around you will give an incredibly authentic safari atmosphere in camp.


Safari and Camping in Kenya’s Masai-country

If you go trekking is some of the most classic and spectacular parks in Kenya, you will do so in the company of the local Masai. The Masai have a deep understanding of the plants and animals that live in their homeland, and will really help you feel close to nature here. They will also give you a real insight into Masai culture and their day to day life. The small tented camps you will sleep in during your trek will be pitched in some of the most remote forests in and around the Loita Hills. Pitching the tents, setting up camp, and lighting the camp fire will all be taken care of by your guides and there will be a cook to prepare your dinner in the evening. It is important that you are happy to sleep in simple surroundings, as you will be using mattresses rather than camp beds on these tours.

When walking between different campsites you will carry all your personal belongings that you will need during the day in a small rucksack, the rest of your luggage will be carried by donkeys. This combination of safari and camping in Kenya’s Masai country will give you a real feeling of getting close to nature, you will experience a totally different culture and enjoy an incredible safari experience.


Combining a Camping Safari with a Beach Holiday

It is always possible to tailor holiday to fit perfectly your needs and wishes. It is therefore easy to combine a number of days camping safari with a beach holiday on the Indian Ocean coast. If, for example, you choose to take part in a camping safari in Kenya, it would be simple to spend some time on the beaches of the Kenyan coast afterwards, but it is also possible to visit a beach resort in another country than the one you went on safari in. Spending some time on holiday on the coast is the perfect way to the many impression you were given on safari, while also exploring the attractions and activities available around the destination you have chosen to visit. In this way you can also begin your holiday is a simple, more alternative way and end in high class accommodation.