Safaris of the Highest Calibre

Askari Tours can arrange truly exclusive, luxury safaris for our clients, the like of which are hard to find. On one of our luxury safaris your accommodation will be extraordinary, all transport much more comfortable and convenient, and the gastronomic experiences you enjoy along the way be absolutely first class. The actual wildlife safari experience will be every bit as exciting as on our “standard” safaris, but the sublime settings and the extraordinary experiences, will help you enjoy Africa’s incredible nature and wildlife in a completely different way. We can arrange luxury safari holidays in the form of our “ready-made” packages, or as tailor made tours that perfectly fit your needs and wishes.


Extraordinary Safari Experiences

Some of the incredible experiences  you can enjoy include seeing wildlife from a hot-air balloon , a fly-in safari on which you fly directly between the very best safari camps and lodges and/or a stay in a luxurious resort on the Indian Ocean, if you would like to include some days relaxing on the beach as part of your safari holiday.

A luxury safari is naturally in a completely different price class from a more standard safari, but you also get a lot for your money. In addition to incredible experiences, you will save a lot of time on transport between the different national parks etc., which you can spend out on the savannah to make the very best use of your time on safari.


Luxurious Accommodation

Luxurious accommodation means that the location, facilities and service is absolutely first class. On a luxury safari you are rarely far from incredible wildlife adventures and the very best national parks. You can also expect luxurious furnishings and facilities, which lack nothing. Service is always first class in Africa, but on a luxury safari you can expect that little bit of extra attention. A luxury safari is for discerning guests who expect the best, and we guarantee that one of our safaris in this class will live up to the highest expectations.