Children And Safari Are A Fantastic Combination


Planning A Safari With Children

First we will answer the question that most parents ask themselves when the think about planning a safari in Africa. “Can you even bring children along on a safari?”. The answer is yes - and they will love it. For a safari to be a real success, all the participants must be able to “keep up”, os when you are planning your tour you should also consider the need of the youngest members of your party. This might means making sure your tour does not include too many changes of accommodation, which we make the practical side of the safari easier. One of the big advantages of a safari over, for example, a city break, is that a safari is carried out at a quiet, relaxed tempo, that enables even the smallest child to participate. Even though you are travelling with children, you don’t need to make any compromises over the wildlife experiences you will have, so you will still enjoy a wonderful African safari.


Some Good Advice For Families

We recommend that your holiday in Africa combines safari with other activities, so something different is always happening to keep the children from getting bored. You can do this in a number of ways. You can choose to stay in places with a swimming pool, so the whole family can gather and have fun around the pool after spending here day exploring the savannah on safari.

You can also choose to go “all-in” on a safari for the first part of your holiday, and then spend some days at an Indian Ocean beach resort. In this way you can combine a safari with a beach holiday, giving the whole family plenty of time to digest the many impressions made on safari while relaxing by the ocean.


African Safaris For Children

You can be certain that the whole family - no matter their age - will enjoy taking part in a safari and seeing the exciting wildlife of Africa. You can help the tour be a really great experience for the children if you take a number of precautions in advance. It is a good idea to prepare them for the fact that it can often take time and patience to see all the wild animals you want to in Africa.  You should also make them understand that you need to be quiet when you encounter wildlife, so the animals do not get scared. If you do this, who will create a good foundation for a fantastic safari for both the young and the old. And remember just how good children usually are in adapting to and taking in new experiences  - you enter with Africa’s incredible wildlife will be a great success.